Can You Use Regular Headphones On PS4?

    This guide is about “can you use regular headphones on PS4? Let’s check out!

    Playing games on ps4 is a literal dream for every gamer. It is because the visual effects on the ps4 are matchless. Do you know what else is matchless? The sound quality of the game. The superior sound quality is the main reason people love to play games on ps4. We can say that a game brings no pleasure if there s no sound effects. And this is true to some extent. We cannot play the game’s audio in high volume in our home most of the time. For this purpose, we need a good pair of headsets that can satisfy our passion. But the question here is that can you use regular headphones on ps4? Well, to find its answer, let’s dig into the article.

    There are different types of headphones and headsets available in the market for regular use. Each of them has a different connectivity method. Each of them requires a specific system in order to connect with other devices. While coming to the main query, can you use regular headphones on ps4? We need to study the connectivity issues of ps4 and how its connection system matches that of headsets.

    Features for Regular Headphones To Connect With PS4

    Some general qualities should be present inside a regular headphone to be the best choice in order to connect with ps4.

    Audio setting

    If you are wondering that can you use regular headphones on ps4? The answer to this is yes; you can only If your headphones have quality audio settings. The Ps4 games have a very high audio quality. The headphone that you are planning to use with your ps4 must support the 3D audio format of the game. Moreover, it should extend the virtual audio of the videos. In this case, the ps4 will easily connect to a headphone without causing any distortion or connectivity issues.

    Level of comfort

    The headphones for ps4 should b highly comfortable. They should not have the issue of repeatedly twitching even after one connects them to ps4 because this fault demands the gamer to sit upright in one position. That becomes very uncomfortable.

    Extend of compatibility

    Your regular headphone should be compatible with the audio system of the ps4. This is the only way to connect them and make them work effortlessly. The compatibility of the Audio system of ps4 and the audio system of headphones decide how long the connection will last smoothly.


    In order to pick the best regular headphone for your ps4, you should never miss out on the reviews. The reviews tell that if a device is worth buying or not. Thoughts matter in this case because some regular headphones connect with the ps4, but they also affect the connection system of ps4 or become a source of viruses entering inside the ps4. So be careful with this part as well.

    Now over here, the second question that arises is: Can you connect your ps4 regular headphones to chat? Well, that is a critical issue. Whatever headphone you are connecting, it should offer the use its feature of chatting through which the player can easily communicate with other people through the website.

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    In order to connect, you must have a 3.5 mm jack. This plugin jack is used to connect headphones with other devices like cars or ps4. Then the second device you need to connect your regular headphone with ps4 is a dual shock controller. A double shock controller is with a ps4 that allows it to connect to other devices through Bluetooth. Moreover, it also contains a 3.5 mm jack. If you are thinking about how to connect your regular headphone to the ps4, follow the given steps

    • Attach the controller pads to your ps4 PlayStation
    • Long press the PlayStation button on the shock control panel
    • The option of settings will appear in the far right corner. Click it
    • Select the option of device
    • Many categories will appear in front of you; select the option of audio devices
    • now that’s the time when you plug in your headphone. There are many ways through which you can plug in your headset. If you can connect them to your TV or monitor and then join your ps4 with it. Or you can directly connect them to your PS4 station. The choice is yours
    • check the switch output device automatically box. It is necessary. Otherwise, it could happen that the sound may not reach your headphones
    • select your preferable output device
    • a list of devices will appear on the screen; they may include a headset connected to a controller or headset connected to the TV. Chose it accordingly
    • afterward, divert all the audio outputs to your headphones to listen to all the 3D audios of the games
    • after this, select the input device. That would b the headphone
    • your headphone is connected to your ps4 successfully

    There come two types of headphones in the market. One is the wired headphones, while the other is wireless headphones. Let’s discuss how we can connect these wired and wireless headphones to our ps4

    Wired Headphones

    Wired headphones are physically connected to the ps4 by their plugs. People prefer wired headphones more because they are secure; moreover, people are sure that they would cause no twitching in the connection. So for your query which is can you use your regular headphone on ps4? Let’s study the detailed connection system of the wired headphones as it comes in the category of regular headphones.

    There are two technical arrangements for the wired headsets. One is cellular telecommunication and internet association (CTIA). It is also known as the American headset jack(AHJ). The second one is an open mobile terminal platform (OMTP). The CTIA has the microphone connector built at the base of a 3.5mm jack. The ground connector is built on the second step. While in OMPT, the places are swapped. The ground connector is made at the base of a 3.5mm jack, and the microphone connector is built on the second step. So if you inserted an OMPT plug into a CTIA port, the compatibility of both of the devices would turn out to be zero. That is what compatibility is. The sound quality will be very low and will leave you with a terrible experience.

    Nowadays, most of the ps4 is built using a CTIA standard. And similarly, many headphones still use the OMPT standard. So if such is the case, you can still connect your headphone to the ps4. In order to do so, follow the given steps

    • turn on your PS4 and find the icon of settings
    • open the setting bars
    • click to the icon of devices
    • many categories will appear, select the option of audio devices
    • take an OMPT to CTIA converter and plug your wired headphones into the convertor
    • plug the convertor into your PS4
    • go to the option of output devices and select headset connected to the PS4 controller
    • click to the option of output devices and select output to headphones
    • different options will appear, select all audio

    That is how you can connect your regular headphones to your PS4.

    How To Connect Wired Headset To PS4 Without A Controller

    can you use regular headphones on PS4
    can you use regular headphones on PS4

    Now here comes the second issue. Sometimes it happens that we are unable to connect our headset with the PS4 controller. It can happen due to the reasons mentioned earlier: our headset is made on OMTP standards, while our ps4 controller is made on CTIA standards. We could also use the OMPTTT to CTIA convertor, but what if it doesn’t work? Yes, even after using the convertor, the PS4 does not recognize the headset as an audio input device. You must be thinking that in this situation, can you use regular headphones on PS4? Well yeah, if you come to find a suitable solution for that.

    The best solution that we can find is to find some other device to which we can connect our headset. It means that other devices should contain a 3.5mm jack and be based on the OMPT system. We can connect that device to the PS4 and connect our headset to that device. In this way, we can enjoy the games on both the PS4 and the other device with the headset. You can connect many devices to your PS4 play station. For this purpose, many apps are present in the play-store that helps to connect PS4 to the smart phone. In order to connect your smart phone to the PS4, follow the given steps

    • go to the PlayStation and download the app
    • log in to that app using your PS4 account credentials
    • open the connecting app
    • click to the option of the second screen
    • link your PS4 to the app
    • then go to the settings bar on the ps4
    • select the category of connection menu
    • select your smart phone
    • it will generate a code
    • copy that code and paste it into your smart phone app
    • your smart phone app will permanently recognize your ps4 PlayStation
    • then go to your ps4
    • connect it to the double screen of the app

    In this way, you can play the games on your smart phone as well. But if you don’t play the games, you can still use your headset to enjoy the 3D audio.

    Wireless Headphones

    can you use regular headphones on PS4
    can you use regular headphones on PS4

    Wireless headphones also come in the category of regular headphones. So if you are wondering that can you use regular headphones on PS4? Its answer would be again a big yes. You can use your regular headphone on ps4 no matter if they are wired or wireless.

    The wireless headphones usually operate on Bluetooth or wifi. For PS4, you should use ps4 supported Bluetooth headphones. To do so, you have to make sure that your ps4 Bluetooth system is compatible with the Bluetooth system of the headset. To connect your wireless headphones to the ps4 via blue tooth, follow the given instructions

    • Use the USB cable to fully charge your headset. That USB cable may come along with the headset or with the ps4 PlayStation.
    • There is a USB port in your ps4 PlayStation. Plug in your USB adapter in that USB port
    • Long press the power button on the headset to turn it on. Make sure that your headset is in pairing mode
    • Once your headset is in pairing mode, it will start twitching blue light
    • Then go to the settings bar in your ps4 PlayStation
    • Go to the category of devices
    • Select the option of Bluetooth device
    • Turn on your Bluetooth
    • Pair your ps4 with your Bluetooth headset
    • Connect the devices
    • Enjoy the audio

    If your PlayStation and headset are facing connectivity issues via Bluetooth, you can still work it out. To do so, you need to invest in a Bluetooth dongle. It is a device that comes with a microphone, and it connects the ps4 PlayStation to the headset via blue tooth. In order to do so, follow the given steps

    • Plug in your Bluetooth dongle in the USB port of the ps4 PlayStation
    • Turn on the Bluetooth of your ps4
    • Please turn on the headset and bring it into the pairing mode
    • Plug the microphone in the 3.5 mm jacket
    • Connect both the devices
    • Enjoy your gaming audio.

    To connect your wireless headphones to the ps4 PlayStation via wifi, follow the given instructions

    • Connect your mobile with your ps4 PlayStation
    • Download the ps4 remote play app on your smartphone
    • Go to the settings bar of your ps4
    • Go to the connected devices
    • Enable the remote play app
    • Click to the option of add device
    • An eight-digit code will appear on the screen. Copy that code
    • Paste that code into your   app
    • It will connect your ps4 with the app and enable it to connect to the headset via wifi

    Can You Use Any Headphones With a Mic For PS4?

    If you are wondering if you can use headphonmes with mic on ps4, the answer to it will be less.  Many games offer the feature through which the players can chat with each other. To do so, they can use headphones with a mic. To do so, follow the given instructions

    • Connect your regular headphone with mic to your ps4
    • Go to the settings bar in your ps4
    • Go to the connected devices
    • Go to the permissions
    • Allow the microphone to work with your ps4
    • Now you can use a mic with your headphones as well

    Now another question may arise that how to use apple headphones as a mic on ps4 2020? Well, it’s a bit tricky. The PlayStation is a SONY device, and it barely allows the apple headphones to connect with it. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot use these regular apple headphones on your ps4.

    Apple devices can easily connect to smartphones and PC. You can connect your smartphone with your PlayStation and then connect your smartphone with an Apple headset. In this way, you can make use of all three simultaneously.

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