How To Fix Unbalanced Headphones?

    This brief guide will help you solve “How to fix unbalanced headphones?”

    Does it bother you when your favorite beats sound a bit louder at one side of your headphone? Trying to figure its solution, you must have tried unplugging the audio jack, adjusting it, or twisting it around with not much effect. Don’t worry, we can help you fix it. Like most other problems, unbalanced headphones are a common issue for many people.

    You might be thinking to replace your headphones for a new brand set, but don’t dump them just yet. Why not you try balancing your headphones sound instead of getting frustrating yourself with its consistent tune. Explore the simple guide below to learn how to fix unbalance headphone sound, irrespective of your device – PC, Android, or IOS.

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    What Is Headphone Imbalance?

    Listening to full spectrum of quality melodies on one ear while a slightly muted on the other can weaken your auditory nerves. Usually audio transmission technique consists two wires that form a loop. Such that both left and right channel are connected with two cables in a headphone set.

    In an unbalanced arrangement, the cable has three wires – common ground, left, and right. While separate usage of a ground wire for each terminal prevents distortion, improves signal-to-noise ratio, and lowers impedance signals.

    How to Fix Unbalanced Headphones on Android Device?

    How to fix unbalanced headphones?
    How to fix unbalanced headphones?

    On an Android device, you can adjust both headphones on equal sound scales with accessibility settings. We suggest you follow certain steps to adjust the headphone balance:

    1. Go to the Settings tab.
    2. From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Accessibility’.
    3. Now, you will see a slider to adjust speaker balance towards left or right.
    4. Or, you can try activating the ‘Mono Audio’ option if the previous one doesn’t work properly. The Mono Audio feature eliminates the stereo illusion with equal playback, which returns sound at the same time in both channels.

    How to Fix Unbalanced Headphones on iOS?

    How to fix unbalanced headphones?
    How to fix unbalanced headphones?

    No need to take the tough time more simply follow steps to balance your headphone audio:

    1. Hover over settings to balance your headphones using left and right audio balancing, which often goes unnoticed.
    2. Next, click General and then Accessibility from the drop-down menu.
    3. Now, choose the hearing section featuring a variety of settings.

    The settings enable options to help you fix your unbalanced headphone on IOS, select left & right balance to adjust the sound, or select mono audio for conversion. Other settings include phone noise canceling and Bluetooth-linked hearing aid for a better audio experience.

    How to Fix Unbalanced Headphones on a PC?

    The Sound section in the Control Panel of your PC features settings to audio channels connected to it. You can feel drastically change in your headphone’s sound production with just a simple tweak.

    Check that your speakers are balanced equally

    Like we learned before, a difference in headphone sound can be an error in its Left & Right balance. This means that either the left or right side of your headphone sounds louder than the other. Follow the step to check and fix the balance on your PC:

    1. Open the ‘Control Panel’.
    2. Look for the ‘Sound’ section and select it.
    3. Right-click on your headphones, and from the drop-down menu, choose ‘Properties’.
    4. Choose the ‘Levels’ tab and then click the ‘Balance’ button to the right of your device.
    5. Restore the balance on an equal level or adjust it until both ends sound the same.

    The altering left / right balance proves highly effective in fixing most headphones but not all.

    Disable any special sound effects that might be affecting playback

    The latest Windows come with unique sound-enhancing features, which at times affect headphone playback. It often results in causing altered sound perception. To fix this, simply restore audio to normal by disabling all the sound effects:

    1. Open the Control Panel.
    2. Look for the ‘Sound’ section and select it.
    3. Right-click on your headphones, and from the drop-down menu, choose Properties.
    4. Choose the Enhancements tab and click on the checkbox labeled Disable all sound effects.

    To keep channels equal, disabling all sound effects can enable mono audio and remove different playback sounds. By removing the 3D sound effect, your headphone audio balance restores, assigning sound to both channels equally.

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    Check that your headphones aren’t plugged into a ‘mono’ jack

    Wrong jack can also cause unbalanced headphones to occur. Does only your left headphone speaker produce sound? If yes, then your headphone features a mono output capability. To fix this issue, make sure headphones are plugged into the right port:

    Most PCs feature a headphone port under the ‘headphone’ label or most probably a resembling icon. The mismatch results in producing stereo sound, and it sounds the same in both ears. Since headphones process both input and output audio sounds, plugging it in an earphone jack (produces output signal) only creates sound in the left headphone speaker.

    Bottom Line: How to Fix Unbalanced Headphones

    Without buying a new set of headphones, you can still listen and enjoy your favorite movies, music playlist, and audiobooks with perfect balance in both ears. Headphones get quite irritating and unpleasant to wear with the difference in intensity of the earbuds.

    Consider these fixes before you throw away your headphones. This budget-friendly solution can bring your headphones back in sync to let you have the greatest sound experience. Understanding how basic functions could change sound balance can help you recover your headphone without any replacement.

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