How Social Media is Making Humans Smart?

    The social media users in the world in 2021 are more than 3.8 billion. Social media serves its users for sharing ideas, thoughts, videos, and photos, through smartphones, laptops, and computers. Social media is an ever-evolving technology, introducing new features and apps to its users. There are estimates that by the end of 2050, 243 million Americans would be using social media. Social media not only builds relationships but also educates people to make them witty and smart.

    The use of social media has spread like a virus. In undeveloped countries, social media usage is more for entertainment purposes. In the developed countries, social media plays a part in work. The lockdown due to pandemic covid-19 has made every person dependent on social media platforms in each way. According to the researchers, a teenager spends more than 5 hours online on social media, either using it for work or entertainment. Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok usage serves both purposes. A student, teacher, or businessman all moved to social media platforms for connection. The importance of social media has become comprehensible during the pandemic.

    Social media is ruling the world in the 21st century. But how was life before social media? How it has changed all of us. Life before social media had limits due to limited global connections. People used to communicate with others that are tangible to them. Ptcl was there to communicate in a short time. But due to the advent of smartphones and social media world has become a global village. 

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    Social media has not only made the world global, but it is making people sharp. Before social media, people used to think but their thinking remained limited to them. Now everybody can share their ideas, thoughts, and points on social media platforms. At first social media used to connect people, but with time it evolved, and now it is being used for business purposes to reach customers online.

    YouTube is one of the biggest platforms not only for sharing ideas but also as a source of income. 

    According to the research, 57% of males and 43% of females of the UK are using youtube. More people are moving to use this platform as YouTubers. Instagram is playing a part in connecting people for entertainment and business purposes. People advertise their products on Instagram and sell the products to earn money. Facebook and Twitter share whatever on your mind in seconds with a single click, all the things you think about an incident. Youngsters post their pictures on social media platforms and get appreciation from them. People are getting and becoming intelligent and wise by using a lot of shared information on social media. Their intellectual abilities have improved. They are more aware of the things happening in the world. In this way, they are growing each day hence becoming wise and sharp.

    But unfortunately, you cannot rely only on social media. It has ill effects too. Social media usage has become so high that we have neglected books. People absorb the information shared on social media, either wrong or right. The incorrect information and ideas put them in trouble. The bona fide connections have become rare. Social media has put far off people together, but the people in a house are far. The nudity shared on social media these days is disturbing our young generation. Moreover, there’s a competition on social media. Everyone is presenting his best self on these platforms. This situation is making others depressive if they are devoid of something.

    Every kind of technology and invention has its pros and cons. The same is for social media and its usage. No doubt social media is playing its role in making humans quick-witted. It has more pros than cons. Drawbacks should reduce by taking proper actions. The positive aspects of social media are far beyond words.

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    Bottom line

    Social media improves verbal, intellectual, and critical thinking skills. It expands memories because the brain has to keep a lot of feeds updates. Social media makes us intelligent by increasing our reading and writing skills. The effects of social media to make us bold and creative are unimaginable.

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