Raycon Earbuds Review: Big Deal or No deal?

    If you watch a lot of YouTube or read a lot of reviews like I do, then you’ve almost definitely heard of Raycon earbuds. Do you probably also notice that they sponsor a ton of content? Now Raycon earbuds claim to be the next wave in wireless audio and promise superior sound at a fraction of the cost.

    In fact, the owner, Ray J himself said that “what we did was create earbuds you can afford, but looks better than everything out there and sounds better than everything out there.” Now, this all sounded a little fishy to me considering I’ve tested literally hundreds of earbuds, and I’ve never heard of Raycon earbuds except in these ads.

    And so the first thing I did was go to Raycon’s website and I saw that they were endorsed by celebrities like Cardi B Drake, the Sean Jackson, just to name a few. And somehow I’ve never seen these on a list of best true wireless earbuds. This certainly warranted further investigation. And I started to wonder who Ray J really was.

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    So I went into developer tools on their website and found that they were a Shopify store and many Shopify stores are drop shipping stores, which got me wondering if these were actually drop-shipped earbuds. Upon further investigation, I found that there were two pairs of earbuds that looked identical to the Raycon earbuds that were on different websites like Ali express.

    Now, these earbuds from what I can tell, have been on the market longer than Raycons, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they were drop-shipped. So this got me wondering what Raycon is really selling. And as a reviewer, I thought it was my responsibility to buy these and review them for two reasons.

    The first reason is if they actually are as good as they claim to be, I want you all to know about them. So you have better audio quality at a fraction of the price. And second of all, if they’re not as good as they claim, then I want you to know what you’re actually buying or even considering buying before you spend your money on something, just because you saw an ad on the internet.

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    Before I get into a physical tour of these, I want to add a quick disclaimer here that this Raycon earbuds review is not sponsored. I actually purchased these with my own money. So this Raycon review has no bias, no conflict of interest.

    I’m just trying to make a good, old, genuine review to help you guys make a better buying decision. Now, with that being said, let’s get into the review.

    Raycon Earbuds Appearance

    Raycon Earbuds Review

    All right. So getting into a physical tour, starting off with the Raycon E55, then we’ll get into the Raycon E25.

    There are five different colors. But looking at the case itself, it’s surprisingly small. I actually kind of am very happy with the size of this case. On the top right corner. We have a loop. If you want to put kind of like a strap on there and hanging on a backpack or whatever you want, then on the left side, we have USB type C charging. That’s a really good thing.

    On the bottom, we actually have cheap wireless charging. Now these are IPX rated for water resistance. Now, opening up the case, you’ll see the earbuds themselves are relatively small. They’re kind of on par with maybe the galaxy buds about the same size.

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    And it looks like they have five different gel tips to really fit your ear, ideally. On the top, they have kind of a little plastic wing that sticks in your ear.

    As far as comfort goes, I’d say these, do they do a decent job? They’re not uncomfortable. I can wear them for a couple hours without having any discomfort.

    If we just do like a head shake test right now, You’ll see that, that they really don’t fall out. So if you’re looking to go for a run with Raycon E55, I don’t suspect you’d have any kind of problem on the outside. We have a physical button there that is kind of my only complaint about the physical design is that you have to push a physical button.

    You have to push it relatively hard to get it to actually work. We also have a LED on the outside as well, too. It’s flashing red and blue and it’s in pairing mode, otherwise just blue when it’s connected, or on, in general. And on the inside, we have the two nodes. Now Raycon E55 do not have any kind of proximity sensors.

    So there is no auto play auto pause feature. That’s one drawback for sure. And I’m not the biggest fan of the flashing LED on the outside. All right. We get case is really, really tiny. This is actually one of the smallest earbud cases I’ve seen and they’re shaped similar to the galaxy buds case when you flip it open, it has a decent hinge field, right there also magnetic closure.

    Raycon Earbuds Fitting

    Raycon Earbuds Review

    Raycon E25 earbuds are also smaller than the E55. And while we’re on the topic of the size difference here, I’ll talk about the battery life as well. So the Raycon E55 claim to have 36 hours of battery life with six hours in the earbuds themselves. Well, the Raycon E25 claim to have just 24 hours of battery life with six hours in the earbuds themselves.

    So that’s honestly still very impressive battery life for both of these, that’s probably more than enough for most people. You’ll see one big drawback is that they’re using micro USB charging on the back. They also don’t have cheap wireless charging. So it’s a little bit of an antiquated design, just looking at that so far.

    So then if you open up, you’ll see, there is an LED in the middle as well as an LED on either earbud. And if you take them out and you’ll see that they’re incredibly small as well. And if you put them in your ear, they fit in really far. So as far as the study go, I think you probably should be fine with these earbuds.

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    Now, again, the shake test, you’ll see that these don’t fall out of my ear either, although they do not have any kind of wingtip, they do also have several different silicone tips that you can put on these. So they should get a pretty solid fit inside your ear. Right? It’s overall, the physical design of these is pretty decent.

    They fit well in my ear. The case is definitely very antiquated, but I would say that they’re both small enough in my ear to really not be massive and ugly, but comment down below. And let me know what you guys think. As far as the aesthetics go for both of these earbuds, which one do you like better and why?

    Now, as far as pairing goes, these work with Apple, Android, whatever you want. And all you have to do is take them out of the case, go to Bluetooth settings and add it the first time. And then every subsequent time you just open the case and they connect automatically. And something else to note is when you take them out and put them in your ears, there’s a voice that actually says Raycon and then it says power on.

    But the fact that it says the brand name, there is kind of reassuring. So regardless of whether or not Raycon actually designed and makes these it’s good to see that they actually put a little extra thought into that. Right?

    And something I noticed is both the Raycon E55 and Raycon E25  only have a single microphone for earbud. Whereas a lot of other competitors are using double microphones these days. So this is what the Raycon E25 sound like outside next to a road that is reasonably loud.

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    Raycon Earbuds Audio Quality Review

    Now, as far as audio quality goes, they don’t specify with codex they’re using, so they’re probably not using AAC or Aptex. Which is unfortunately not a good thing. They do have single point connection, which is a really big positive that you can actually take one earbud at a time and listen to it. Now Raycon earbuds do not have any kind of pass through mode and they do have decent passive noise blocking, but they do not have any active noise cancellation.

    As far as lag goes. I tested them out on my phone and was getting between one and two tenths of a second of lag, which means that if you’re watching videos, you probably won’t notice any kind of difference. Now looking at the audio quality itself, when you’re listening to music, the E55 are extremely muddy.

    They have a really big emphasis on bass and the bass is definitely more on the Boomi side. Really not that tight at all, which gives them somewhat of a dark sound to them. There’s also a relatively shallow depth and weak instrument separation in the E55. While the E25 still have an emphasis on bass.

    The sound is far from analytical, but if you listen to something like Steve Aoki, I suppose they definitely would be fun to listen to, but I would never in a million years call these the best audio quality in the business. All right. So what do we think about these earbuds overall?

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    I really don’t like how they’re using micro USB charging. I think that’s kind of unacceptable in 2021 now having a single microphone on each earbud versus a double microphone really sets these back. As far as audio quality goes on phone calls, I would say it’s definitely far from ideal and audio quality for listening to music.

    It’s also not something I would really write home about. Those are all the drawbacks with these earbuds, but there are definitely are quite a few positives as well. So first of all, I like the compact design of the case. They have a very long battery life and on top of that, they’re very small and they fit in.

    So considering the Raycon E25 are selling for $80, we can give them a pass in a few of the cons, but the overall sound quality of these, it’s just so bad that I really can’t recommend them. If you’re looking to spend $80, there are many other earbuds that are far better than these. I would only reconsider if they drop the price to $40.

    Now looking at the Raycon E55, they certainly have a much more modern design with a water resistance rating, wireless charging and USB type C. Now these certainly have more to like about them, but of course, that comes with a much higher price. I would definitely recommend Raycon E55.

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