10 best gaming headphones under $50

    Best gaming headsets will give you the best experience. They will allow users to play and truly experience the beauty and natural charm of video games, sound effects, music, and all the dialogue with the additional benefit of enabling all the communication between the players.

    Picking up the right headset to use for your gaming can make a huge difference, but no doubt we all look for something cheap but high class. The best of the affordable gaming headsets performs an admirable feat of combining a practical set of headsets, and with a clear microphone and all this in less, you would have probably paid for a new game.

    While many people think that all the gaming accessories are expensive enough, you can surely get a decent and high-level pair of gaming headphones for under $50. Top and most high-quality headphones can contact us to immerse ourselves deeply into a game, and we get lost in superior audio. On the other hand, the best headphones are super comfortable, and one can wear them for a long time.

    At $50, one may not be able to get the best of best gaming headphones; however, you can still get the best in many options. Suppose you are just a casual gamer or even a high-class gamer. In that case, you are in the right place because we’ve put together a list of best gaming headphones under 50 without sacrificing much in different terms like design, audio, the comfort of the invention. You can get all this in less than $50.

    These are the top 10 gaming headphones under $50;

    1. HyperX Cloud Stinger
    2. Corsair HS50 V2
    3. Logitech G432
    4. SteelSeries Arctis 1
    5. Creative Sound Blaster Blaze
    6. OneOdio A71
    7. EKSA E900
    8. Sades SA902
    9. Turtle Beach Recon Spark Universal
    10. Cougar Immersa Ti

    What makes a Real Gaming Headset?

    We all use the term “Best,” defining the great thing, but here before talking about the best gaming headphones under 50, let’s look at the list of the criteria used to determine what makes a gaming headphone the best.

    1. Comfort: Comfort is the simplest and an essential part of any headphone, especially when you are a diehard gaming fan and play for longer sessions. The main highly subjective specifications in comfort are weight, the shape of the earpad, contact pressure, material, and stiffness; they all play a massive role.
    2. System Compatibility: A top high-performance gaming headset needs to be compatible with gaming or other systems to suit numerous gamers. Mainly everyone uses only one gaming system; still, it’s essential to check the compatibility.
    3. Frequency: The frequency of gaming headphones needs to be perfect; a good pair of gaming headphones should be able to reproduce the entire audible spectrum from 20-20,000 Hz with 100% clarity.
    4. Audio Channels Number: Many high-class gaming headphones are designed to hear what’s going on in the surrounding. Headphones have two earcups still they can be
    5. Wireless: Wireless capability of headphones is an entirely beneficial capability. It further improves the functionality and makes it more generally comfortable of the headphones, and you get rid of any cords, wires that could get in the way during your playtime.
    6. Microphone: A good headphone requires a good microphone. A tremendous electric microphone that provides straightforward pickup for voice and is typical of a high-end gaming headset.

    With all these significant and top quality to look for in a good gaming headset, let’s straightly move towards the best gaming headphones under 50$.

    HyperX Cloud Stinger

    best gaming headphones under $50

    Frequency: 18 Hz – 23.000 Hz
    Connection: 3.5mm plug; extension cable+ 4 pole, 3.5mm stereo and mic plugs                              
    Weight: 275g

    We are starting with one of the top and great gaming headsets, which one can quickly get under $50. HyperX Cloud Stinger is one of the best budget gaming headsets,which has a decent look. The headset’s body looks good, but the plastic band feels a bit on the cheap side but all over, they maintain enough of a decent smooth finish to make you look good during the gaming zone.

    One of the top features is that the HyperX logo is band sports that each earpiece shows off as a nice red HX. The noise-canceling boom mic knocks off all the extra unneeded noises. The Mic of the gaming headset switches up and down to mute, but it does not bend for adjusting your face, which can be a negative point if you are looking for a bendable mic. But no doubt the quick up and down flip makes it very easy to mute yourself in any hustle or before you quickly say any nasty stuff.

    HyperX Cloud Stinger is the best gaming headset under £50 UK. It is wired, and it comes with a jack of 3.5mm and an extension cord so that one can easily connect to a controller or into a PC or any other device. This device also offers onset controls that you would find beneficial when you are in the heat of a game and adjust the volume.

    The sound quality of the headsets is stereo and also the versus virtual surround sound. Still, besides all this, the audio of the gaming headset is pretty good as considered to the price, and it is preferable for gamers who don’t trust the virtual surround space, which is created by the headset.

    These gaming headsets are kind of comfortable, but they are heftier in size, so if you are planning for a subtle set, then HyperX Cloud Stinger isn’t for you. These gaming headsets have a large extent, but they are still lightweight and comfortable enough to play for longer hours if you are a diehard gaming fan. The steel sliders adjust easily to your head, and the rotating ear cuffs also rest nicely on your neck when you are tired or need a break.

    This gaming headset is one of the best gaming headphones under $50, and you do not have to sacrifice much on audio, quality, or comfort. Besides all this, it is a nice-looking product with a perfect mic in this price range. So if you are a pro player and are into multiplayer games that require an lt of communication, this is your best option.

    • • Outstanding Audio Quality
    • • Comfortable
    • • Up/Town Mic and Great Flip
    • • Nice Value
    • • Great Presentation
    • Medi-core built quality
    • No surround Sound

    Corsair HS50 V2

    best gaming headphones under $50

    Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
    Connection type: Wired 6ft, 3.5mm analog connection/braided cable, 50mm speaker drivers, unidirectional Mic Weight: 11.2 ounces

    The Corsair HS50 is the best budget gaming headset that works well for gaming. Corsair has a pretty good track record of creating high-quality and excellent products to deliver a high-class gaming experience.

    The Corsair HS50 V2 is the best gaming headset for under $100. It boasts a crisp surrounding pair of 50mm Neodymium drivers that provides good lows and highs, but somehow, it lacks the mids. The design of this gaming headphone is an open back design that allows a more excellent wide soundstage, making it easier to pinpoint any particular sound like were the footsteps come from or the gunfire.

    The gaming headphone also consists of a detachable mic which seems to be good. But mostly seen in reviews that mike causes issues, and they are just fine. The overall design of the gaming headphone Is very minimalist. The earcup padding a relatively little rigid, and maybe not every person can enjoy it. The arms of the headphones adjust smoothly, and the build quality seems to be good too.

    This gaming headphone over is a solid gaming headphone for under 100$. It’s available in multiple colors, and you can even get one with an in-line USB DAC which increases the sound quality even more.

    • • Excellent sound quality
    • • Detachable Mic
    • • Durable with flexibility
    • • Great in-line controls
    • Maybe uncomfortable ear cups
    • Spotty mic quality at times

    Logitech G432

    best gaming headphones under $50

    Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
    Connection Type : Wired 10ft, 3.5mm braided, 40mm Speaker drivers
    Weight: 19.2 ounces

    Logitech G432 is another top choice of ours as it is another best gaming headphones for under $50. These gaming headphones are wired headphones that are usually compatible with G HUB software; this allows you to customize your sound profile by using its graphic EQ or the presets. One can also easily access mic controls, virtual surround sound features, and sidetone levels.

    All across this, these headphones have a well-balanced default sound profile. No doubt they do lack a bit of low-bass. The mid-range of the gaming headphones is very natural and flat, ensuring that the lead instruments’ vocals are accurately reproduced. The mic quality of Logitech is impressive. It makes remarkable recordings of your voice and has excellent noise handling and canceling feature, so if you are talking or playing in a hussy, chaotic environment, the ones on the other hand of the lone can easily hear you.

    The headphones are comfortable and easy to use for an extended period; these are lightweight and have well-padded ear cups. These also include a 1/8 TRRS cable that one can plug into most of the controllers and a USB-A dongle that is easily PC and PS4 compatible.

    Users with large heads maybe find this Headphone tight to fit in easily. Though the gaming headphones have a metal frame that reinforces their headband, they are still pretty plasticky; the joints of the headphones don’t feel much solid. Like most low-budget headphones, these also lack more robust gaming controls and only offer volume control and mute Mic.

    Still, across the best low budgets gaming headphones, Logitech G432 is one of the best.

    • • Large comfortable earcups
    • • Great sound quality
    • • Compatible with different systems
    • Mic may be disturbing at times

    SteelSeries Arctis 1

    best gaming headphones under $50

    Frequency: 20-20.000Hz
    Connection type: 3.5mm
    Weight: 272g

    If you are still confused about which gaming headphones you should be going for, look through some other options. Here is another top choice for you: SteelSeries Arctics 1; you may find it a bit low in quality but not bad altogether.

    The Arctics is a fancy and convenient gaming headphone; design-wise, it is more subdued than other headphones. It has a stylish cover and is much smaller overall. But here comes the wrong side: these are slightly less plush and wearable, but if you don’t do long period gaming or need one for regular hours, then Arctics 1 is your best choice.

    These gaming headphones have a detachable mic which means that one doesn’t have to use this set specifically for gaming only. These are compatible with PC and consoles using a jack of 3.5mm this way; no one needs to sacrifice how to use the headset. It detaches Mic and being able to wear the headset out. Listening to music so you can ignore the surrounding chaos and other unwanted sounds is just amazing.

    This is one of the best budget gaming headsets as it offers onset controls like HyperX. It has excellent durability, but one can’t be sure about its plastic headband and the material as it seems like it’ll show wear over a short amount of time. It is a good option when you look towards sound quality because it has some excellent quality speakers which provide high-frequency sound. At a price lower than $50, it is worth it.  However, this is still a decent headset that’s solid and should give you a great gaming experience for what you’re spending.

    • • Decent Quality Audio
    • • Detachable Mic
    • • Stylish decent design
    • • Worth the Price
    • Mediocre Build Quality
    • Average Mic

    Creative Sound Blaster Blaze

    best gaming headphones under $50

    Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz      
    Connection type: Wired, 8ft, 3.5mm   
    Weight: 13 ounces

    Creative Sound blaster blaze gaming headphone is another best gaming headset under £50 UK. It is the successor of the previous Sound blaster, Fatil1ty. It is still an excellent example of why you don’t need to spend a high amount of money on some high-quality headset.

    These gaming headphones are exceptional in all the possible ways; these are comfortable, the Mic performs smoothly, durable, affordable, and the sound quality is excellent. What else a customer looks for in a low-budget and high-quality gaming headphone?

    The overall design of the Headphone is decent and straightforward. The Mic is Noise-cancelling Omni-directional Mic which is also removable that lets you use these headphones for more than just gaming or VoIP purpose. It is compatible with other devices too. With different uses of this gaming headphone in mind, the Sound Blaster Blaze headphone comes with a 3.5mm jack, and they quickly work with any device which has a compatible input. So, if you need to set these headsets with some other device, you can or need to pull the Mic off and use these with something which doesn’t require a mic; you easily can.

    The headphones’ sound quality is well and impressive compared to other low-budget headsets under $50; the quality of the Mic is above par. It delivers a decent sound stage. You can quickly pinpoint enemy footsteps or other surrounding sounds as soon as you hear them.

    Altogether, the Creative Sound Blaster Blaze gaming headset is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a low-budget headphone with good performance.

    • • Low Budget
    • • In-line controls
    • • Removable Mic
    • • High sound quality
    • • Comfortable
    • Mic quality can be disturbing at times

    OneOdio A71

    best gaming headphones under $50

    Frequency: 20Hz-20.000Hz
    Connection type: 3.5mm/6.3mm
    Weight: 280g

    If you are looking for the best headsets under $50 2020, surely OneOdio A71 can be your best option. This gaming headphone is a stereotype that delivers perfect solid sound for listening to music or playing games. The quality of the sound is just that – solid.

    The headset’s microphone is detachable that is perfectly adequate, omnidirectional, and is a noise-canceling boom mic. What else you look for in a perfect low-budget headset? The Headphone design gives it more of a Headphone gamer look. You can also quickly wear the headphones and can disconnect the Mic.

    The Mic is not adjustable itself, so you might be needing to adjust as per your requirements. This Headphone got a 3.5mm jack as well as a 6.35mm and 3.5mm splitter. Altogether all these features make this device versatile and worth it.

    When it comes to design, the design of A71 is comfortable and small. The light stays, and it remains comfortable throughout the time one is wearing it, but the metal strips for adjusting the headband are tricky to adjust. One lack that the Headphone does not provide that much high sound quality because the higher the pitch, the more the headphones fail to keep that up.

    According to the budget and the specification, this device is fair enough. However, the Headphone’s surface isn’t made with the most robust material and quite prone to wearing and tear. Suppose you are rough with your devices, then indeed, it’s your best option. This Headphone does not offer flexibility in using it roughly or with care, especially if you are not using them for gaming. The headset’s design is underrated; it still might be boring to look at for some. But with the simplicity, small and easily portable body and fair price, it might be the best.

    • • High-Quality Audio
    • • Noise Cancelling Boom Mic
    • • Lightweight and Comfortable
    • Bore Design
    • Surface Prone to Wear and Tear

    EKSA E900

    best gaming headphones under $50

    Connection type:USB/3.5mm                    
    Weight: 250g

    The EKSA E900 is a fantastic Gaming headset that offers both stereos and surrounds song which provides an outstanding audio quality. The mic f the headset is detachable, and this is one of the top points here for those gamers who don’t always enjoy playing multiplayer games.

    The E900 is the best gaming headphones for under 50$ with its maximum qualities, making this device worth buying. The Mic of the device is noise canceling, but the Mic of device controls are located on the cable, which is a drawback in our thought. This style tends to be a bit old and flimsier, and when you are in the middle of games like a firefight, the important thing you need is to start grabbing around widely for volume or quickly mute the controls.

    Altogether it is an excellent choice for a low budget as the Headphone is compatible with different devices like PCs and PS, and other current gaming consoles. A USB cable is added, making it a convenient bonus for all the standard 3.5mm jack if you are plugging into your PC or other USB devices for the audio jacks.

    It’s fantastic for one to have a headphone that provides both stereo and surround sound altogether. As a gamer, it’s more likely that one prefers to stay in the gaming world so bad that they don’t want to hear the surrounding sounds.

    The E900 looks like quite an impressive device from a distance. The device holds on with some red accenting, small earpieces sporting LED lights, and a subtle mic that a low-budget headphone can provide high quality. The lights are a fantastic addition to the device, and they start glowing once you plug in the headset using the USB cable.

    The device looks pretty impressive, but the durability of the machine can be questionable. Once you get the headphones in your hand, the price point can be felt here quite easily. These headphones won’t last long as the material making up the earpieces leads to the dreaded ear, which means “Sweaty ears,” which can surely make you understand its low cost.

    With all these negativities, if you are a casual teacher and you like to keep changing your stuff, it can be your good option, especially looking towards its positive points. It’s detachable Mic, a more minor, portable size, an excellent design, and a perfect opportunity to play with stereo or virtual surround sound audio altogether.

    • • Attractive Aesthetics
    • • Excellent Audio Quality
    • • Supports Surround Sound
    • • Canceling Mic, Detachable
    • • Portable Size
    • Feels cheap
    • Surround sound only Via USB

    Sades SA902

    best gaming headphones under $50

    Connection type:USB/ Wired, 6.5ft                  
    Weight: 2.5 ounces

    The Sades Sa902 is the best gaming headphones for under 50$ it is no doubt a better PC gaming option that you can get in Low budget. You can pick the gaming headphones for almost $25.

    These gaming headphones are robust and have 40mm drivers, the virtual sound of these headphones is 7.1 surround, and the noise isolating earcups helps to stay comfortable. The Sentey Arches of the headsets perform like a high-quality headset within the $100+ range, and you can have it at a low price.

    The device’s performance is good; the Mic performs great in ways and produces crystal clear voice clarity. The Mic also easily tucks away into the earcups when one is not using it. Fixed mics are not a comfortable and easy task in headphones, but SA902 is pretty good. The A60 is comfortable when you need to use those for a long time, and the padding and stuff used in earcups are exceptionally comfortable, which does not seem too hard or too soft.

    The USB connections for the gaming headsets are pretty standard, and these are required when we have any LED lighting like the SA902 has that. This means that you’ll need a USB 2.0+port to use them, and this feature indeed every PC has. No doubt this is one of the best headsets under $50.

    • • Mic performs well
    • • High bass and excellent sound quality
    • • Comfortable
    • • Decent in-line controls
    • Not compatible with consoles
    • Mic can be annoying at times

    Turtle Beach Recon Spark Universal

    best gaming headphones under $50

    Frequency: 20Hz-20HKz          
    Connection type: 3.5mm             
    Weight: 480g

    If you are looking for a headphone that doesn’t provide such great audio but has a good look and is comfortable to wear. More likely, while wearing this Headphone, you get your match in the Turtle Beach Recon Spark Universal Gaming Headphones.

    Other than appearance and wearability, the Headphone doesn’t have to offer much; that’s the reason it’s at the end of the list. Still, there are pretty impressive qualities as it is compatible with both PC ad gaming consoles, with the 3.5mm jack, and it also has a flip to mute Mic, which is sadly not detachable.

    The on-ear controls are comfy and handy, but maybe you often need to have your hand n there because of how quiet the headphones are. The headphones’ audio quality is relatively low, and it’s an essential negative thing because if one likes the design, you would indeed have a complete package and be one of the comfiest headphones. The Mic of the headphones is solid still provides crisp, clear vocals, which makes it more excellent. But if you are looking for a perfect headset with the superb sound quality on a low budget, better not make this your option.

    Turtle Beach is one of the best budget gaming headsets with a cute design, and if you are a decorative person with quality, this can be your best option. The Recon Spark Universal Gaming Headphone is all in white-colored lavender accents and somehow with a small design and aerodynamic shape.

    The band of the Headphone is reinforced with a metal interior which can adjust and fit in your head while offering extra durability. It does feel a little plastic but not that terrible flimsy in your hands which was a great surprise for all. The Mic of the headphones is not that flexible but easy to flip up and down and mutate.

    The plus point is that one doesn’t have to search for the mic controls on any cables. Just the major drawback that the sound quality isn’t that perfect or good; still, the comfort this Headphone provides is worth it. One can quickly wear it for long hours and play games.

    The earpieces are really soft and entirely synthetic with the leather over the memory and the foam, and even wearing glasses doesn’t take away one’s comfort. One cam quickly plays for longer hours and enjoy without any headaches.

    The Headphone is built wells. It can easily stay on one’s head for a longer time. So if you are looking fr the best gaming headphones under $50, this can be your best choice as it is comfortable, sound design, and offers a clear mic.

    • • Comfortable
    • • Unique design
    • • Flip to mute Mic
    • • Durable
    • • Ear-on Controls
    • • Solid Mic
    • Poor Audio quality

    Cougar Immersa Ti

    best gaming headphones under $50

    Frequency: 20Hz – 20HKz                 
    Connection type: 3.5mm                           
    Weight: 387g

    Last but never least comes a headphone which is the best budget gaming headset and is pretty good under $50. The Cougar Immersa Ti looks heavy and bulky but is comfortable to wear and is lightweight besides its plump appearance. The Headphone provides a 3.5mm audio jack to connect to PC, PS, or other console games. The audio of the Headphone is well enough; not much impressive but not even worst.

    The audio bass seems to be overemphasized with some high and low narrows, but one cannot call it worst. The Mic of the device is not detachable, not even noise-canceling, but it does retract, which is quite convenient. The device also offers acceptable vocal quality. The Mic of the headphones is easy to adjust as per one’s needs.

    The design of the headphones indeed gives you a childish Halloween gesture, all black with orange accents. The earpieces of the headphones are oversized, which on the one hand, makes them comfortable to wear for the ones who love to play games for a more extended period. But also wearing them for too long can create a moist climate in ones ears. It would be best if you were sure to keep cleaning the wipes for every subsequent game.

    Each earpiece of the Headphone shows off the brand logo, which looks nice. The headband is made of some soft leather with an orange band color, making it easier to adjust the Headphone according to one’s ideal size and shape. The controls of the Mic of the device are located on the cable, which is hard to set. All over the Cougar Immersa Ti are at the bottom of their list, but they provide an excellent low-budget headphone for gaming experience.

    • • Comfortable
    • • Lightweight
    • • Solid Audio Quality
    • • Noise-canceling Mic
    • • Solid Headset overall
    • • Sound Isolation
    • Boring colors and design

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