10 Best Cases for Moto Z4

    Moto Z4 is one of the latest addition to Motorola’s Z-series and is known as the most friendly budget 5G smartphone in the market. It splashes and dust resistant, but still, no one wants to test their dear cell phones against nature.

    You’ll surely want to protect your cell phone from harm, for extending the lifespan of your Moto Z4 cell phone, cases or covers are indeed a need. For that, there are durable, absorbing, challenging, protective best cases for Moto Z4.

    Best Moto Z4 Phone Cases;

    1. Tudia Merge Series                                           
    2. Outterbox Commuter Lite Case
    3. Moto Mod Style Shell                                        
    4. Spigen Rugged Armor Case
    5. Speck Presidio Grip Case 
    6. Poetic Revolution Case
    7. Encased Heavy Duty Scorpio Series      
    8. CaseWe Dual Layer Bumper Moto Case
    9. Arae Wallet Case                                                
    10. Sucnakp Rugged TPU Case

    Tudia Merge Series

    Best case for Moto Z4

    TUDIA makes several exceptional smartphone cases that are long-lasting, durable, and affordable. It is offering excellent protection for your Moto Z4.

    Tudia merge series is the best case for Moto Z4, and it is popular due to its dual-layer design. Combining a soft TPU inner sleeve with a rugged outer shell wraps around the phone like the sun and absorbs any damage, drop. For extreme durability, the outside has a hard polycarbonate shell for all-around coverage.

    All buttons and ports are visible and accessible, easy to press and use, raising an edge for additional protection around the camera and the display, keeping them free from scratches—Available in four colors Matte Black, Rose Gold, Metallic Slate, and Blue. Overall the case fits perfectly, with real protection and raised edges to keep the camera screen safe.

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    Outterbox Commuter Lite Case

    Best case for Moto Z4

    Outterbox is one of the best brands. The Outterbox cases are usually quite bulky, but the commuter series is specially designed for always in a rush. It’s a great mix of durability and reliability.

    Outterbox commuter is one of the best cases for Moto Z4, as it is made from a hard protective polycarbonate shell, which is combined with synthetic rubber slipcover. It provides extra grip to fingers. It is excellent rugged protection with two layers of TPU, slightly less bulky, not as much thick, and it doesn’t have extra port covers or protectors, which make it hard.

    It is lightweight, still strong enough, and has military-grade drop approved ratings. You can drop your Moto Z4 from a height with this case on, and it will even survive. A great deal for daily use. It comes in Ocean Way Blue Variant and Black color.

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    Moto Mod Style Shell

    Best case for Moto Z4

    Moto Mod Style Shells are a member of the Motorola family. You probably get one Moto shell in the box with the phone.

    These are small shells that magnetically stick to the back of the Moto Z4, making it back flush with cameras. The word “Shell” is used for telling that these cases don’t offer any protection for the side edges or the phone’s display. Just it protects the back. Still, they are beautiful, and they come with carbon fibre, plastic finishes, and wood for a high and different catchy look.

    Not as much as a protective shield as compared to others, but for daily use and being careless, it’s a great option. It still gives small protection against everyday life’s hazards. And it comes for free with your Moto Z4.

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    Spigen Rugged Armor Case

    Best case for Moto Z4

    The Spigen Rugged Armor case is one of the best Moto Z4 cases. It follows up a textbook design, which is made with flexible TPU material, adding some beautiful webbed patterns to make it both grippy and protective at the same time.

    It gives excellent protection to your Moto Z4 without adding bulk or much thickness. You can also get covered buttons, whereas a raised lip keeps the camera, display, and fingerprint scanner safe and secure. A matte finish helps the case preventing dirt from sticking. It consists of Air Cushion technology, which works for shock absorption.

    It gives a classic savage look to your cell phone. It’s easy to hold and non-slippery. The buttons are tactile and feel so comfortable and clicky when pressed. Available in Matte Black color.

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    Speck Presidio Grip Case

    Best case for Moto Z4

    Speck Presidio Grip is also one of the great companies producing the best smartphone cases that are durable, tough, easy to hold, and sold almost in every store. It is one of the best cases for Moto Z4 as it combines a polycarbonate outer shell and an inner lining moulded together to keep the cell phone secure and an absorbing inner material for keeping it water-free and safe with two layers of protection.

    Angled rubber ridges are present on the case grip’s backside, which stops the cell phone from sliding off surfaces. In simple, this is a thin case, super-strong textured which you can never drop accidentally; still, you can drop it from 10-foot; your cell would always be safe because of its IMPACTIUM shock barrier. It’s designed in style to allow Qi wireless charging too.

    Raised bezels are designed around the screen, giving extra protection from scratching on the phone’s screen. Covered buttons and reinforced corners are added to the protective layers of the case. They are making it safe and secure from all across the borders.

    Available in different colors, including Jelly purple/Charcoal Grey, Black, Clear, and Carbon black.

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    Poetic Revolution Case

    Best case for Moto Z4

    The Poetic revolution series case is one of an excellent premium rugged for Moto Z4. It is a full-body case with its built-in screen protector and kickstand. In simple words, One package for all the things needed.

    It is designed for enhanced grip and protection with ridges, reinforced corners, and edges. It will keep your cell phone safe and scratch-free as having heavy-duty material composed of polycarbonate and shock absorbing TPU—reinforced two layers of protection, which you can surely test by dropping it from 10 ft.

    Moreover, you can watch videos, movies with ease because of its lay-flat kickstand on the back, which everyone loves. No doubt it is a bit rugged and kind of industrial look, but for extra protection, it’s the best choice.

    It comes in three colors, Black, Blue, and pink.

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    Encased Heavy Duty Scorpio Series

    Best case for Moto Z4

    Encased Heavy Duty Scorpio Series is one of the best cases for moto Z4; it is an ideal choice for people looking for complete full-body protection for their cell phones.

    The encased name itself gives a glimpse of cases with belt clips, but the Scorpio series is all in one protection with a hybrid design. It has a flexible TPU, which gives extra grip to the case. A polycarbonate shell is used, which keeps the body of the Moto Z4 protected and scratches free.

    It consists of volume adjustment with curved buttons, which provide the perfect tactile. An internal IDS pattern is designed, which increases the protection level more while allowing any heat excess from the device back. The case is featured with a Matte non-slip, durable built-up corner for better safety of cell phone.

    It comes in Black, Rose Pink, and Gunmetal Gray colors.

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    CaseWe Dual Layer Bumper Moto Case

    Best case for Moto Z4

    The CaseWe Dual Layer Bumper Moto Case is the first bumper case for Motorola that cannot easily be broken. It supports the battery mod without the need to remove it. Isn’t it great!

    It offers a dual-layer bumper, consisting of ridges that protect the display; all the buttons are covered with soft TPU for safety and comfort. The smooth texture gives a relaxed and comfortable feel in hand while using the phone.

    The Raised edges of the case protect the screen and the camera. The unique texture is designed for a better grip. Not only for the protection of the cell phone but also a good grip, so it does not slip out of hands.

    It’s available in three colors Blue, Black and Red.

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    Arae Wallet Case

    Best case for Moto Z4

    Arae wallet case is a good case in many ways; It is one of the best cases for Moto Z4. Its made with premium faux leather, which is its unique beauty.

    It is made with Top quality leather, including excellent quality, strength, grain and character. It is a superior designed wallet case fr Moto Z4. A magnetic clasp is used to hold the folio cover in place and a cutout that ensures that you can talk on call without opening the case. It minimizes bulk and fully protects your smartphone with its soft inner TPU skin cover, which holds the device and keeps it free from scratches.

    Its standing feature is useful for watching movies and videos in comfort and different angles. The inner TPU firmly adheres to the outer wallet, which keeps it safe from falling. All the buttons, camera, speaker are secure and easily accessed. No need to remove the case; it’s useful in personal means and belongings; four card slots, a pocket helps you store an ID card, driving license, credit cards, cash, other cards keeping your belongings secure.

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    Sucnakp Rugged TPU Case

    Best case for Moto Z4

    These are some of the phone cases which are recommended for dozens of phones because it’s protective and has the right case style which works great.

    It has a sharp TPU shock absorbing case; its names give its features itself. It is absorbent and keeps your phone safe and secure from drops, water, or accidents. It uses a robust dual-layer material designed with impact sections, which are designed in a manner to disperse the forces when your cell phone drops.

    The curved edges on the cover’s sides help it bounce away from the screen; it saves it from starring display. This small little cheap TPU case will keep your cell phone safe and secure.

    Available in different colors New Gray, New Blue, New Army Green, New Black, and New Brown.

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